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The Tour

Self guided audio tours in English, Spanish, and French are included with admission and run continuously throughout the day. The audio tours average between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the pace that you are comfortable with. Touring the Villa Zorayda Museum requires standing and walking for the length of your visit. Limited seating is available in certain areas. Instructions on using the audio guide are given at the beginning of each tour and are clear and simple enough for anyone to use and enjoy the experience. Audio guides must be held to the guests ear to hear the tour. The Museum does not provide headphones, but if guests would like to use their own they are welcome to.

The handheld audio guide tells visitors about the Zorayda’s lively 139 years of history including the building’s importance to St. Augustine, details about its design and construction, memories from its time as a gambling casino, restaurant, and speakeasy, and information about the impressive 98% original art and antique collection of both of the previous owners.

Our staff is happy to answer questions and give more information about certain pieces or events.

 Printed copies of the English version of the audio tour available upon request.

Your visit to the Villa Zorayda Museum will cover 2 levels with one flight of stairs. Because of the historic architecture of the building, there is no elevator inside. Guests with mobility issues should advise the attendant at the entrance of the Museum or call 904-829-9887. A wheelchair entrance can be accessed at the rear of the building with assistance from the Museum staff. Please know that many areas inside are narrow and small.

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